Digital Creator Terms and Conditions Agreement

Digital Creator Terms and Conditions Agreement

This agreement ("Digital Creator") establishes the terms between [Natural Factory LLC] and the Digital Creator ("Signer") who agrees to participate in the promotional and marketing program of our products. Both parties agree to adhere to the following terms:

  1. Product Kit: The Creator agrees to purchase our product kit, which includes four specific items necessary to carry out the promotion. "Kit Cost: $99.99 (subject to change)"

  2. Video Creation: Over a consecutive period of 30 days, the Creator commits to creating a daily video discussing the merits and individual benefits of each product supplied in the kit.
  3. Social Media Promotion: The Creator shall upload the aforementioned videos to their personal digital platforms (social media) and correctly tag the @hairbyjailyne profile as an integral part of the promotional content.

  4. Access to Online Sales Information: The Creator will be provided access to an online platform where they can view their sales generated through their participation in the promotional program.

  5. Payments and Invoicing: Payments will be made on a weekly basis, based on a commission equivalent to 15% of the total billed for all sales directly attributable to the promotional efforts of the Creator during that specific period. Payments will be transferred directly to the bank account provided by the Creator.

  6. Follower Requirements: It is not necessary for the Creator to have a large following to participate in this program. A minimum of one thousand followers is sufficient to be eligible and accepted as a Creator.

  7. Program Validity: This promotional offer is only available to residents in the United States of America (USA).